[Chorus:] Doctors tell I should give it up, So, boy, are you wanna quit mine? Amen, y’all Oh yeah Can I get an Amen? In the morning when the sun […]

When everybody else gives in You’re the one who won’t give up We’re the sweetest kind, tough tough love I can be me with you. [Chorus:] I can be me […]

So where do we go when we are running out of places I can’t do this on my own Cuz being with you is contagious Can’t get you out of […]

Don’t it ever feel like you might not ever be who you had set out to? Because your friendships are fake There’s no-one who would date A man who’s never […]

Baby, now and then I think about me now and who I could have been And then I picture all the perfect that we lived ‘Til I cut the strings […]

[prod. They will never come till I learn to love again Anyway [?] losing them, think I’d be better off when I’m dead Break me down, Falling out But I’m […]

feat Claud Street lights fell my wound I finally have a place of you Told me you’d say Hi, I’m sitting here, cars passing by [Chorus:] You & I, used […]

And you said We would be golden When we grow old And you said We’d never be broken When we grow old But if a river Can dry to dust […]

Going through my cellphone checking texts, instant messenger And you don’t believe me when I tell you that I’ve never been with her And my word ain’t vaild ever since […]