You can lie – Lariss lyrics

Lyrics Lariss – You can lie

You turn my mind upside down.
I’m not myself when you’re around.
God knows when I’m ridin’ next to you
Give me nothing, nothing to hold on to.(you can lie)

How you can lie, you can lieee, you can lieee to me. (x2)

Always a .. when you watch me like that, that, that.
A boy like you is a sign, sign to stop, stop.
Even if the stars are aligned,
I couldn’t give you one more try.

How you can lieee, you can lieee, you can lieee to me. (x2)

I wanna ride in the day, I wanna ride in the night
You couldn’t say what’s wrong or what is right
It ain’t gonna stop me, ain’t gonna stop.
No lies for money, no lies for love.

One love, we can make it better in love.
We can make each other
But you just wanna lieee.
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