Vinnie Paz – Hashem on a Pentagram Lyrics

[Intro: Sample]
In a music field you got people who really are into the occult and into Satan. And then you got some who probably playing games, but no matter how you cut it – they’re propagating Satan, they’re propagating the demonic line, the occultic world and I think it’s a devastating thing on our country-

[Intro: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, one-two
Yeah, one-two
One-two (ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta)
Yeah, one-two
Yeah, Gore Elohim
Ill Bill, look

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Watch the semi-automatic air the fucking world out
Big shit I’m hitting every house like I’m a girl scout
I don’t trust a soul homie, I’m throwing this referral out
Jail monster dumbbells concentration curls out
Bloodbath headshot tell em through a telegram
Samhain an idiom Hashem upon a Pentagram
Duality of two triangles is the hexagram
Scheming on you (???????) like a mexican
Nighthawk custom made shells and a vest
And my OG sitting in a cell and he stressed
Doing 2301 and he smell and depressed
And the sun sets here but it fell in the west
Ask about me homie I will aim at the throne
Say goodnight to the bad guy Razor Ramon
You ain’t on my level, not an honorable mention
And this bullet focused on you undivided attention, doma

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
Twelve tribes of Israel, 12.5 for half a block of fishscale
Let me get a sniff there ??????????? feel I can trust you
Make me feel like than scene from Scarface, I’ll crush you
Fuck fight Fuck ???? Fuck love too
Pop you in the stomach like, boom, I bring doom
I’m that MF Goon, my shooters look like John Hamm
What the fuck is happening the world has gone ham
I can’t believe it’s bacon, bayonets attached to AKs
What’s shaking, go get your cake in
We move indistinguishably, discreetly
Withing the shadows we decide what the streets see
A cross between Tony Yayo and Roy DeMeo
Bandana Scott Baio, Machete Danny Trejo
Idi Amin sword pentagram slayer
Never trust a fiend who swear he’ll pay for that gram later

[Verse 3: Goretex]
I’m on Venice beach ripping waves, whores and selling leak
Got a hunded project animals, we dying to eat
We activists fuck these dividents in Panama bucks
Futuristic my shooters roll up in Amazon trucks
Circus of power rocky dentist kids of powder
Topple regime like Nicky Scarfo, Betty White the sour
Cocaine barrels produced in rain forests from pharaohs
Uncle Howie taught me how to cut the juice with the flour
Consumer racketeer rap Norman Lear stickups in 89′ gear
Focus on the Gods in the field
Bricks like betty whip Mr Majestic hit, heavy metal shit
Dashiki and slacks run some crazy eddie shit
Half feminist, half Salvie Testa ravioli stretcher
Inverted church we out to lunch take our holy measures
Shoppers of medicine you register vegetable
Like an Ed repka painting I come to life when I’m deading you

[Outro: Sample]
Across this country and Canada, satanic graffiti is turning up on public buildings and abandoned buildings. The police suspects secret meetings are being held by people calling themselves “Satanists”, people who worship the devil. Most often found – the inverted five pointed satanic pentagram, the upside down cross, the evil eye, references to Babylon and the Devil’s number – 666

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