[Verse 1: Lil Half Cut]
Fuck everybody
Galaxies fall when I’m coming down
Nobody comes around
I can do no right
20 stories high
Holding up the sky
They want to say goodbye
I just want better times
But I done got replaced
I’m on my own and I’m tired
Dreams fall like nothing
Dead slow dead
Go on without plunging
I’m so numb
I’m so numb
Have you ever been this low? (fuck no)

[Verse 2: Lil Lonely]
I have realized I want to rewind my whole life
It seems fine
I have realized that I am alone
$now leopard wants to freeze and die
Winter breath wishing for death in the snow
Winter breath wishing for death in the snow
I am zero
Winter death
Wishing for breath but I choke
Whispering help but no one is listening
God dammit my piss it stings
I’m planning on rebuilding history
Rebuild it blissfully
Revealing misery

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