Trina – If It Ain’t Me Lyrics

[Intro: Trina]
Fucked up… fucked up

[Verse 1: Trina]
How is this happening?
How is this happening?
I was just with you and we was unwrapping and
All of them big things that come in them small packages
I’m through with them savages
Can’t get no sleep and I’m drinking on activist
I know you may laugh at this nigga but damn

[Chorus: K. Michelle]
Somebody loves you baby
Oh, oh, oh
Somebody loves you baby
And you know who it is
You know who it is
You know who it is
You know it, and you know it
You know who it is
If it ain’t me then who?
If it ain’t me then who?
If it ain’t me then who?
If it ain’t me then who?

[Verse 2: Trina]
Who you loving when I go out on the tour?
Bring back a check
I bet that bitch is such a bore
Who you loving?
Who you want to be fucking?
Cause I got nigga groupies at me
But my vibrator buzzing
I get dudes by the dozen
Say you at work but you wasn’t
Then I got word from my cousin
That you was fucking a buzzard
You took my pussy for granted
I rode yo dick on the granite
Table top dancers made your bottle just vanish
Poof, I got motherfucking proof
That you been lying through your tooth
You had a hoe up in your coupe
Baby, hold up, let me shoot (doot, doot, doot, doot)
I can hit her from the booth
She a thot, the bitch is loose
I can’t believe you bought her boots
Petty ass nigga


[Verse 3: K. Michelle]
Then who? [?]
You’re no good boy
Tryna make excuses like I’m all yours
You crazy, no more tears I’m faded
No more love I’m wasting
Jack Daniels my baby
Pour it in my cup, yeah
Forgot about you already
Ain’t no coming back to this
I done packed up my shit
Petty niggas is the worst
Ain’t got time to be hurt


[Outro: Trina]
Yeah, I mean, like seriously my nigga, if it’s not me then who? I mean after me it’s like who like– done. You know what I’m say– I can’t even believe I’m still even talking bout you. Like why we still even here? Like really you played yourself, my nigga

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