TLC – Perfect Girls Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Looking in broken mirror
I see the pieces of my face on the floor
What’s it gonna take
Not to feel like this anymore?
Living for the outside
But you’re always lonely
Don’t know who you are
I can make ’em [?]
Does it take much to lose yourself?

Perfect girls ain’t real
They hide who they are inside
Now, perfect girls ain’t real
They live a lie
But it’s always on your mind
‘Cause you’re all lying all the time
Know that perfect girls ain’t real

Gotta learn to love yourself
Gotta learn to love yourself
Inside and out

[Verse 2]
Playing a perfect role
Crying deep inside, hoping nobody knows
Tryna keep it together
[?] cons don’t fall (no, the cons don’t fall)
Only the diet, even starve yourself
But you’re still looking at everybody else
Guess it comes down to loving myself (myself)




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