The WHO announced the version of the origin of the omicron coronavirus strain

The head of the New Diseases and Zoonosis Unit of the World Health Organization Maria Van Kerkhove announced to the Financial Times the version of the omicron coronavirus strain.

“ According to one of the hypotheses under consideration, it could have come from an infected, immunocompromised patient who could not completely recover from the virus and in whose body the virus multiplied for a considerable time, '' & mdash; writes the edition.

Kerkhove urged not to forget about the already existing mutations in the fight against the pandemic. & nbsp;

“ Strain delta '' has not gone anywhere, people all over the world are dying from it. We must not forget how many people are infected with it, '' she urged.

Previously, WHO & nbsp; classified & nbsp; a new variant of coronavirus B.1.1.529 as causing concern. Due to the spread of the strain, Russia has decided on 28 November to restrict entry from South African countries. The same decision was made by some other states. & Nbsp;

On November 27, Germany and the Czech Republic reported & nbsp; the probable detection of cases of infection with the omicron strain. & Nbsp; Also in the Netherlands, dozens of passengers infected with coronavirus from South Africa were identified. & nbsp;


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