The Doppelgangaz – Rapamycin (Dopp Hopp Album)

[Verse 1: Matter ov Fact]
A-yo, I’m paying dues and making moves with whiney Frank
Stopping every hour because he has got the tiny tank
Getting yanked, shorties who wanna get they hiney spanked
She said fuck a shower, just hit me with the briny shank
Then threw the movie Tangled in
Angling towards a Ganga
Then the curtains were dangling
Looking like they done withstood a mangling
And even though she’s gangling
She cuter than baby pangolins
Listen, we’ve arisen from like a dozen falls
Lost winnings from Powerballs
Seen it all, done it all with the best
We tatted on dozens of chests
Kissing lushes with bad breath
Plenty brushes with death, agh
My heathens, we done even survived a bungee drop
Telly to telly, we living off of sundry shops
Niggas plot, praying and hoping that we leak it
How your ticker is still ticking
They wanna know the secret, peep it

[Hook: Matter ov Fact]
Twenty pills up in the Dyson (in the Dyson)
We in the lab like Neil Degrasse Tyson (Agh)
Making sure we live forever (We living forever)
Rappers who taking rapamycin

[Verse 2: EP]
Ask Rosario where’s Gerardo Barrios Square
Be at your patio, stare, while you eat haricot vert
She said nobody goes there, she got no body no flair
Robert Mondavi is paired with the kohlrabi and pear
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, uh, what’s the big idea?
Gangaz bound to live forever, wherever in Zaire
Got no quips to share, split the fare, allotted sums
Arms and clips to bare, he quick to care for potted mums
You might’ve got at them or hot at one for knots of funds
Drinking schnapps and rum, dun, more than a modicum
High strung on safety breaks, Five Gum and Tastykakes
Gangaz getting paid in Retin-A and HGH
Safe, the British frenzy off the troubled stars
Jack the Spirit of Ecstasy up off the double R
Allahu Akbar, they found the treatment
How your ticker is still ticking
They wanna know the secret, peep it

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