Tamar Braxton – My Man

Ohh, ohh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh

[Verse 1]
Oh, you let me down
I am so confused
Stood right by your side
Through everything that you went through
Why is she around?
Why are you so cruel?
How could you just turn your back
When I stood by you?

When you were broke, I didn’t leave you
Somehow, through it all, I believed it
No, no, no
My, my, my
‘Cause he would never hurt me
Let alone, just desert me
No, no, no
My, my, my

[Verse 2]
Word around town
Is that you live with her
And you said she took your heart away, oh baby
I told them, that’s a lie
Cause I don’t wanna hear no bullshit stories ’bout my man
(Can’t stop the screamin’ and yellin’)
Oh, no no no no
My pain, oh no
No, I just can’t believe that you’re with her
She don’t wanna play before
Shoulda noticed the day she walked through the door
I just can’t believe she stole my man
Oh, my man
Oh yeah
She walked right in the door
Looked me in the face, and she took my man
Never trust a lonely woman with the one you love
She eat dinner at my table, even watched my kids
And she took my man
Bitch actin’ like she was my friend
She called me ’bout her man
Well, I didn’t understand
She was talkin’ ’bout my man (heifer)
Oh my man, my man, my man, my man, my man
My man, man, man, man, woo!

Is this my life?
It cuts me like a knife
To know the one I love could leave me for a friend
I’m not desperate, but I would reconsider (baby, are you sorry?)
All the years I put in this thing to be a win
I know it’s too late
She took my man (took my man)

See, I was just a fool
Didn’t wanna see the truth, and she took my man
And my heart screams out loud
Oh oh oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, woah (took my man)
Oh oh oh oh (took my man)
Oh oh oh oh (not my man)
Not my man, no, no, no (not my man)

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