Yeah Yeah

Play this song [Intro: Wiley] Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before But as I approach my birthday All you man are my youngers You man are my youngers bruv [Verse […]

[Intro: Eric Bellinger] Playa– This that true shit, yeah Playa-playa shit only Oh-oh, yeah It’s Eazy! Hol’ up [Verse 1: Eric Bellinger] You say you love me (You do) But […]

[Mino] Yeonghwana bollae jojo Oh Yeah Neoman johdamyeon nan gogo (Gogossing) Daedaphae geunyang Oh Oh (She says “Yes”) tiket du jangeun Lotto Neo hwajanghaji ma baebulleo deo ippeojimyeon nan aembyulleonseu […]

I walk up in the party, money bustin out my pockets Rubber bands, these ain’t no wallet bitch Yeah bitch, im so cocky Chillin’ with some thotties But these bitches […]

終わった恋に光る涙一粒 (Oh Whoa oh oh oh oh) みんなああいう風にして 天気の話なんかして (Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeah) 僕無しでもキミなら平気」 勝手に決めつけるなんて 代わりにあいつを殴ってやりたい 再見 Bye Bye さよなら ねぇ ウェイシェンモ ウェイシェンモ 男って単純過ぎる 来来 女だって 強がって生きてるの ready? メイクアップしたなら baby? もう振り向かない Can’t you see?もういいし? no […]

[Daehyun] Yeah That’s My Jam Burn It Up Areumdaun i bame momeul heundeureo Party Modu You You You Got It Yeah That’s My Jam Pump It Up Sori jilleo Everybody […]

[Onew] Geu eotteon geul geu eotteon mal Geu eotteon pyojeong geu eotteon bichui eoneodo Naegen boiji anhdeon ([Jonghyun] In Love) [Taemin] Geu pyojeongdo nega hamyeon Geu maldo neol geochimyeon [Jonghyun] […]

[Taemin] Nareul bwajwo Here I am Heundeullineun bamhaneul sogeseo Cheoeumbuteo yunanhi bitnago itdeon baro Sirius [Key] Neol wihae doel su itneun modeun Gyeonguui sureul da deohae Nal hangsang chajeul su […]