Taylor Gang

Play this song [Verse 1: Tuki Carter] Look, look I make everyday my best day, I press play It’s my prerogative like Bobby Brown from back in the day We Taylor like the […]

[Intro: Logic] Yeah, yeah This that J Dilla right here Badu, Indica Badu Yeah, that’s right [Verse 1: Logic] Riding ’round the city with my homies blowing trees Wavy like […]

[Intro] Lost in [??] Cardo got wangs Lost in [??] [Chorus] Roll up a plane, take it straight to the brain Every part of the day, I be lost in […]

[Verse 1] I just made a play on your bitch she in love with my watch, yeah yeah ooh I ain’t finish school from the school of hard knocks make […]

[Intro: DJ Motor Mane] Yea, we out in Cali We gon’ take you to the Bay Area real quick My man Berner, smoking good weed Counting that cash, you already […]