Patek Philippe

(feat. Tory Lanez & Young Thug) [Bridge: Tory Lanez] I’ma do my dance in a bit (I’ma do my dance) She front on me, I throw bands at the bih […]

[Intro] Izze The Producer Yeah, yeah (yup), yeah (yup), yeah (yup) Yeah (yup), yeah (yup), yeah (yup), yeah (yup) Yeah (yup), yeah, yeah Ayy fire that weed up man, ayy […]

[Intro: Baka] Murda on tha beat so it’s not nice [Chorus: Quavo] Beast She a lil, she a lil beast She a lil beast (beast) She a lil, she a […]

[Hook] Sell a lot of dope Dodge a lot of cases Stickin’ to the basics Rock a lot of chains Do a lot of things Bottles by the cases Stickin’ […]

[Intro: Future] That’s too much sauce That’s too much sauce [Hook: Future] Patek Philippe, the plain one That’s too much sauce Hermes in the A That’s too much sauce They […]