[Intro] (CashMoneyAP) [Hook: Lil Johnnie] I just dropped a deuce deuce in the Fanta Swear that extended clip look like a banana I just dropped a deuce deuce up in […]

[Intro] What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? What’s it all for? Tell me what’s it – […]

[Intro] ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney Pssh, pssh, pssh Aye, aye Aye [Hook] Drink a pint of blood and then I go to sleep (it’s Wop, aye) Chopper on the pillow case a […]

[Alternative pop music] Oh, I’m holding onto my daydream Smoking on some OG Well, I’m home-grown and I’m leaning on to my love My love Oh, she acting like she […]

Light that up man whats happening, uh hah! Cold Fro-T-5, Cold Fro-T-5 Baby, Cold Fro-T-5 We going to the park after dark And smoke that tumble weed Cold Fro-T-5, Cold […]

[Intro] Ain’t no more motherfuckin’, "Wassup bro" with these niggas man As soon as you see these niggas, these niggas wanna cop pleas [Chorus] I just woke up to the […]

[Hook] No one care about this heart of mine (I feel alone, alone, -lone, -lone, mama) Why Baton Rouge can’t have no second line Maybe that will help this heart […]

[Hook] These bitches so basically, don’t let it get near to me I’m here for the industry and leave with it like it came with me My [?] they miss […]

[Verse] I drank, two-hundred thousand sodas Gas up all these niggas, cause these niggas they be bogus I’mma rock a concert then go spend it on a choker And I’m […]

[Intro] SOSA BABY.. [Hook] Runnin’ up that sack Smokin’ on this dope; also known as pack And we got them gats, we won’t cut no slack In these Fendi slacks, […]

[Chorus] Walk in with that sack on me Big backwood no black on me Breakin down OG I smokin out of OZ Backwood backwood backwood backwood Backwood backwood backwood backwood […]

[Intro] Uhh You know I come from a city of sorrow, man Ugly introduction, red snow Heartaches, heartbreaks, headache, look [Verse 1] Growin’ up it wasn’t no joke, ‘member all […]

Hey baby, won’t you lie to me? Oh darling, tell me, pretty please Oh baby, baby, won’t you tell me what I want to hear? Don’t leave me, don’t leave […]

Lalalalala Ladadalala… Hey baby, wont you lie to me? Oh darling, tell me pretty please Oh baby, baby won’t you tell me what I want to hear? (Don’t leave me, […]

Lyrics Trill Sammy – Two Yeah I keep 2 Two of everything Two bad b*tches in the coupe switching lanes Yeah I keep 2 Of that OG strain Two backwoods, […]