[Verse 1] Why you want to catch my eye, when you already know that I’m taken (nah like really) How you past due on payments, and I’m seeing you on […]

Drop me off at the Copacabana You my one true love, aren’t you man, ah? I’m your little super 8 movie You know I’m in love with ya truly, yeah […]

[Verse 1] Yeah I don’t know about you But I’m feeling sunshine Trizing with the skylines Sipping on something chilly Watching sinyoritas dancing on the beaches I’m sitting back jamin […]

[Verse 1] Jupiter, kung fu, you know what I’m talking ’bout Garden, darling, you know who the song’s about Same old human, but you know who I really am When […]

Stupid Kung Fu, You know what I’m talking bout Darling, darling You know who the song’s about Slave on human, but you know who I really am I say Truman, […]

Six inch heels, She walked in the club like nobody’s business (nobody’s business) Goddamn, She murdered everybody and I was her witness She works for the money, she work for […]