[Intro: Lil Durk] Gang! Yeah 2 times, 2 times! [Hook: Lil Durk] Purple water, pour up that berry that’s blue ring Diamond water Tity Boi 2 times, that’s like 4 […]

[Intro: Lil Durk & 21 Savage] I’mma say it 2 times with this money, money, on me, on me Gang! We ain’t playin’ with this niggas man Ay we different […]

[Intro] I got my nina, don’t need her Rest in peace Miss Cleo ‘Cause she know I’m just gon’ read her Rest in peace to Cleo I got my nina, […]

[Hook] Backstage, couple drinks, I’m loose All I see is bums and boobs I’m turnt, step on the stage Buster cannon, man gon’ blow up the room Buster cannon, blow […]

[Hook: T-Pain] They gon’ talk about me, they gon’ talk about me They can’t walk around me, they can’t walk around me Bitch I’m rich as fuck, bitch I’m rich […]

[Hook] Young Savage, why you trappin’ so hard? Why these niggas cappin’ so hard? Why you got a 12 car garage? Why you pullin’ all these rappers cards? Cause these […]