Johnny Cash

[Intro] [Verse 1] The windows cracked on the Chevrolet My cigarettes in the ash tray The engines off and the radio’s down So nervous my whole body shakes The parking […]

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract] South side brought the wave back Hair nappy need a wave cap Same state where Trae at This the reason for the mothafuckin ASAP That’s MOB […]

[Chorus: KYLE] Girl, why are you playin’ with me? Girl, who are you playin’ with? You’ve been on that new stuff I’ve been on the same sh*t Girl, why are […]

I stay walking the woods, getting lost in my thoughts Wondering if this path is one that I’m ‘posed to be on But I do get lost in a daze, […]

Yeah, un-fuck-with-able Black on black Vader, soundtrack is so cynical It’s for certain, keep a cup of Bourbon, it’s so critical I’m just getting started, still a couple years from […]

[Verse 1] Dark as midnight, six-pack Coors Light You don’t look the same Past my bedtime, blue and red lights Come take you away [Pre-Chorus 1] Hate to see you […]