Play this song Yeah man Sittin’ here tryna figure out Why law enforcement Keep on decidin’ they wanna kill black people, man It’s startin’ to get to me Check this […]

Play this song [Intro] Wheezy outta here Yeah [Pre-Chorus] I got too much money I don’t know which drugs that I want (Know which drugs that I want) Told her, […]

[Intro] Yeah, you know I don’t never know what to say right here [?] took it to town [Chorus] Bitch, I be goin’ HARD I getcho nigga HARD This blunt […]

[Chorus] Won’t you come through? Water on me We gon’ walk right through And I’m swimming like Nemo No caller ID, no You don’t really like me, no And I […]

featuring Ebenezer Girl, your loving is way too dangerous Cause girl you party like you’re in Vegas You want party favours Are there any takers? Cause girl you party like […]