Play this song [Intro: Meek Mill] Yeah, yeah [Chorus: Meek Mill] I used to fuck up my re-up Now, it’s the jet with my feet up I got the money and power Now […]

Play this song [Intro: French Montana] La música de Harry Fraud Call her friend, let’s have a ménage, ooh From the bottom, straight to the top, ooh [Chorus: French Montana] We chop that […]

Play this song [Chorus: NAV] Timeless timepiece Designer, design me (Yeah) Private jet gon’ fly me That bitch gon’ slide Racks made my pockets look tiny (Racks) VVS’s shining Elliot […]

[Intro: Usher] (Zaytoven) I walk up in that motherfucker like, get what you want Ayy, let me get that Gift shop, gift shop, yeah [Chorus: Usher] Treat the Gucci store […]

[Intro] Ayy, yeah, Matt OX Yeah, ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah [Verse] Messages, yeah, I check my messages She been textin’ me, she been trippin’, man Think I’m chasin’ her, but […]

[Intro] Aye, aye, yah yah yah yah, yah [Verse] I can’t hang with ya’ll Ya’ll ain’t big enuff Flippin’, whippin’, drippin’ Now we’re young and livin’ It done been a […]

[Chorus] I’m expensive, I’m expensive I’m expensive, expensive, expensive Uh, I’m expensive, diamonds is expensive This jewelry is expensive, expensive, expensive Tennis on my necklace, water on my pendant Icy […]

[Intro] Yeah, yeah We ain’t talked in like a week straight I been all on the interstate I been tryna go and get this cake Yeah, yeah [Chorus] She in […]

(feat. Rich The Kid) [Intro: Lil Pump & Rich The Kid] Everybody know I’m next Hundred thousand on my neck Know I’m sayin’? The flex way I be runnin’ up […]

[Intro & Producertag] Diablo murder Ooh, yeah Lil Pump! Yeah [Chorus] Yeah, I came in with the sauce, ooh Yeah, I came in with a saw, yeah Bitch, I flex, […]

Never lookin’ at the cost Money fillin’ up the vault (Uh) My word be the law (Uh) Bitches scary like Saw (Uh-ahh!) Let it be known, if a bitch act […]

Burr I’m out n*gger It’s your worst nightmare Glacier Ha [Chorus: Gucci Mane] I was just sittin’ in a cell playin’ solitaire Now they see me everywhere, brush they full […]

[Intro] Hey! Yeah, aye, damn Talk Money Gang, ’30 Gang BK- Way, nah Aye Jay Critch Hood Fave(Hey!) [Hook] I go the money she never will leave me I got […]

[Hook – Mally Bandz] Cause I’m the man If I ain’t text you bitch, i’m prolly chasing bands We ain’t shaking hands (nooo) If I ain’t text you bitch, i’m […]