Tabby – V.S. (White Trash Album)

You wanna be on TV more than pay for the rent
The type to fill an empty Fiji to impress while you quench thirst
That stomach getting queasy when reality set
Jehovah’s Witness knock is opportunity, you don’t answer
Get off that lazy boy, lazy boy
Green with envy over green just make you jaded, boy
Them ladies just like life: ya ain’t at Staples, boy
Can’t check yourself in streams if you
Still on momma’s cable bill, boy
Tweeting at celebrities while the bird on your shoulder
Setting quests for that booty. A cracker sure ain’t the motive here
Scratching the surface only a scrotum itch
Go for sniff, went unnoticed like the potential possessed in here
Daddy ought to have spanked ya
Had he not pampered you in Pampers
Would have grown like a man, instead you grew like a canker
Hypochondriac who think he have cancer
Any time he feeling slightly off, man what the fuck happened?
Can’t smoke without believing the fuzz
Gonna cuff your arteries, please check your privilege
Mary let you have your cake like scene from Matilda
Shit so schizophrenic. Haven’t seen a dentist in
(Uhhhh) You can’t remember?
Baby tooth could buy a pint bruh, it needs removal
Your solution? Buy some time, switch ivory to a gold
Once you quit feeling lower than Tyrian knees to floor
You slipping boy, how you supposed to move forward?
Sniffing out the bitch in you, this doberman huffing
Lucky I don’t pick a snub up and just utter fuck it
Blowing chances like Malkova, you ain’t on the come up
Put yourself so far in debt for PS4 and a plasma
Now Gordo put cash toward it, should
Knock your head back like tortoise ’cause
You don’t help him or even pick the damn phone up
Those eyes not on the prize, or ball, just post mortem
Sitting on Snapchat for ass pics and to blow up?
Boas coiled round your throat showing gold found in phobia?
Nope. Facts & mirrors, facing either? Super laughable bro
Earl Grey black as Idris Alba’s nostrils brew in your skull
Mother fucker, please get outta your dome!
But Jesus Christ, you can’t even freestyle
Spend years writing tracks people won’t hear. Smile
With teeth more yellow than Homer’s piss
A juicy fruit rapper cutting more lines than the Olson twins
Pick your poison, pin up bitches or potpourri?
Contemplating the quarrel, your cranium should be quarantined
Liquid pouring down the steps of your temples, feel the chemistry Of loathing oneself enough to score it with pen ink
Bet he penny pinching on giving two cents towards anything
Watch him elevate; still mope bout that chick he ain’t ever date
The world’s seen better days without that freckled face
Ya fiend for females who can’t screen through his baggage
But TSA get boosted while that ego get damaged
I’m your Smeagule, I’m the reason you don’t seek helping hands Just stare down at your own. I’m the reason they’re clammy
But just remember, sucka: I’m the reason you’re Tabby

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