Styles P – Ghost Ship

It’s a young man’s game, man
I want to see the young niggas eat
I’m supposed to, I’m an O.G., nigga

[Verse 1]
These niggas is jokes, so I laugh at ’em
You don’t really want me to stab at ’em
Cause I do that shit literally
You ain’t got to say I’m the best, but just consider me
And keep my name in the arguments
Lyrically kill shit, nigga, no arguments
Physically kill shit, nigga, no arguments
Put money on your head, real cheap, no bargainin’
Do that myself, I still make me pay me
I’m still playin’ Biggie and Jay Z
You know Nas in the booth
I’m a O.G., but I play these new niggas too
But I kill ’em all, then I make emcee stew
I say, ‘Fuck ’em all’ cause that’s what real emcees do
Master of ceremonies, I’m nice on the mike
G, you and this beef is on sight any night
Yeah, I rhyme, but at times I’m just recitin’ my life
That’s why this new shit is new to me
Blowin’ on this kush while my East boon is schoolin’ me
See, Lord, you a G, Lord
You was touchin’ keys when these niggas was touchin’ keyboards
They ain’t never fight, full swing or a see-saw
They just let it slide, that’s why they could never be your…
Yeah, I’m cool with jewel
And I use it ’til it’s time to be fool with a tune
Cause most niggas don’t choose when to lose
He said, ‘True’, but most niggas just choose when to snooze
Known when to sleep, nowhere to sleep
If they cut the alarm, you won’t hear ’em creep
Told them I’m always up
I shoot they family down, I tear they hallway up
And if the West Side is packed, I take Broadway up
Riverside, nigga ride, yeah, I’m always up

What up? Ghost, nigga

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