Smithfield – When You’re Gone lyrics

I can’t take it
Baby when you’re looking like that
Tipsy, leaving your lipstick
On that long stem glass
You can’t fake it
Got everybody thinking you’re good
Like you’ve only had one
But you’re coming undone
Like I knew you would.

You’re as fine as the wine
That you’ve been sippin’ on
When your hair’s down
And you’re dancin’ around,
To every song
I love what ya do, when you’ve had too many
Hard to believe that you’re
Comin’ home with me
This drink ain’t the only thing,
That’s coming on strong
You get me goin’ when you’re gone
Girl, you get me goin’ when you’re gone

The way you’re movin’
Like you left your give a damn back home
Got everybody in here,
Wishing you were all alone
And I don’t know how you do it,
Girl you know it’s makin’ me weak.
You’re the one with the buzz,
But somehow I can’t speak.

When you’re gone, baby I’m gone too
You’re the shot that don’t need no proof.
Lightin’ me up, doin’ what you do,
Cause when you’re gone, baby I’m gone too

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