Royce Da 5’9″ – Still Waiting (feat. Nick Grant & Elzhi) (The Bar Exam 4 Album)

I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you, you, you
Taking it back just like that

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5’9"]
I’m still waiting on you niggas to inspire me
Lately, I’ve been feeling like retiring, UBSing
I take a pull from the Romeo y Julieta
Like if niggas ain’t leveling, hiring, UPSes
I’m challenging y’all niggas to move the needle
If not, fuck it, I made enough, it’s cool with me though
The quickest way to have your pimping in doubt
Is to let the hibachi chef throw a shrimp in yo’ mouth
That’s a flag like it’s crips in the house, fag like a dick in the spout
Past life itchin’ just to come out
All of y’all just be telling them lies
Most exciting thing y’all can do is jump out the closet yelling "Surprise!"
I’m a product of Funkadelic and Parliament
I blow the roof off and make all you chicks suck my doggy dick
I give you niggas a Mardi Gras full of martyrs to party with
It’s apparent, I slaughter you and your guardian
So tell your muscle I make a doctor open him up
And button him looking like a skeleton wearing a Cardigan
Now, who the fuck want it? Now of you who got the back of
Who the fuck want it, bro? I got the scolio
Y’all niggas be wanting too much dough, slow your roll
I don’t know how much I’ll loan ya, I’m not OVO
Woah, for those who try to live the rough life
Pistol through your clothes, slugs ripping through your cashmere
Give a nigga a buck 50 like I’m the cashier
Leave us left for the beef, resting in peace, you tough, right?
I’ll punch a nigga to Timbuktu
I got a drum, I’ll front a nigga ten bucks too
The outcome of playing big bank to little bank with me
Will prolly be a hundred thousand in ten bucks too
Uh, y’all lonely savage on the mollies acting like your life is violent
I’m catapulting bodies, catching ’em like a virus
Try to violate me, my ETA is a major scene
And it will be the day, it will be the GTA "wasted" screen

I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you
Yes, I’m
I’m still waiting on you, you, you
Taking it back just like that

[Verse 2: Nick Grant]
I could tell by your dress code you extra hoe
I guess the rap game’s ’bout who flex the most
All these funny niggas with cloudy jewelry at these award shows
Was never rich, but dropping gems to poor souls
Tap a super model, she [?] in morse codes
Screaming with my head in her box, it ain’t a Vogue pose
God’s favorite, a public enemy, love my women in all flavors
If I made it, we all made it
‘Pac reincarnated, spitting on cam, fuck ’em
But I’m just me, I never claim to be the toughest
Ain’t gotta tell fake dope stories for you to love ’em
Blood rushing like when I rush in, it’s hugging a Kalashnikov
Busting, cousin used to tease me, call me crack baby
Tell ’em nothing changed, still dope, baby
Lately, I ain’t for the monkey shit
Shooters with banana clips, dumping ’em
Catching ’em slipping and peel ’em up at the family function and
Tell me who I’m up against, I run this shit
Nigga, the only thing could kill a legend is a double dish
Ride on ’em, me and Nickel Nine on-a ya
You know I snuck the thing in this bitch just like a foreigner
Pay no mind, it’s no biggy, but shit I’m warning ya
The way I ball gon’ make a nigga corner ya
Tell the coroners "come", baby, there’s been a murder
Never was underrated, nigga, I’m unheard of
You outta line like you ain’t got a lotta drive
Fuck around and clash with some niggas you idolized
Bottom line, I’m a man with a lot of pride
Got my mama’s eyes
From the ghetto, I’m traumatized, where I lie confined
As I watch my demons ménage screaming "I’m alive"
Life is a freak, I put faith is this lady mama lie
I just sign on the dotted line
It’s for rappers who look like they get sodomized, you outta time

Just like that, that, that, that

[Verse 3: ElZhi]
I’m poisonous pesticide, extra wide nostrils
Hostile infects aside, it’s the chainsaw massacre
Texas side in a Lexus fried doing donuts
As if I grabbed the coffee with it for breakfast
This shit I write it make you ball up your fist to fight and
Take off on a nigga, make him think he missed a flight
So you shouldn’t ignore me then, I can trade lines with Scorpion
Or pretend I’m not Kevorkian, just his dorky twin
And I ain’t got a lock when I’m sticking the door key in
Cause I got this in the bag like apartment 4B when
Jigga was a hustler who later wrote about it on the intro
To In My Lifetime, and you’s a customer
Not accustomed to how I’m on the cusp of greatness
And at the top of the food chain, I could hump the waitress and
How you do these dishes? I’m truly vicious
I know you wish my life sucked and Death blew me kisses
But I’m extra closer to the Testarossa
The best, supposed to make you sick to your stomach till you possess an ulcer
You know my reputation, who in yo’ camp wanna step to Jason?
A sick disease that cut into you like six degrees of separation
You’ll find it’s more lines in this rhyme than a brick of ki’s
That any crime unit would be quick to seize
From some high rollers who are thick as thieves
Who love the top dog and how he flick his fleas
And I could give you food for thought before fricassee’s
Or I can just rub you out like two crickets’ knees
They rather see me chatching murder charges
‘stead of Jamaica in the spot on my third massage
Living the life that’s in need of a narration
Give me the spotlight, you can keep the interrogation
At the sheriff station
And I swear if you tryna play the don
Think before you dive in murky waters with a megalodon

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