Royce Da 5’9″ – Play My Music (The Bar Exam 4 Album)

I gotta move accordingly to how the music move
It’s gon’ predict my whole day

I said, I got that C. Lo plan, got that Migos plan
Got that mass appeal, that’s that Primo plan
That Panamera tighty-white, that’s that Speedo plan
Hope it ain’t your time to die tonight, that’s that sweeto man
Prayin’ for my downfall, that’s that evil plan
That’s that Michael Jackson plan, that’s that Beat It fam
Since he’s never one to pull up on me, that’s that traffic jam
Red dot on a nigga head, that’s that Pakistan
Tell your bitch to shut a bitch, she do it, that’s that slapper plan
Bought that Paul McCartney and Ferrari’s plan
While I’m saying sorry and tryna get her back
I had gorillas see you with bananas, that Safari plan
Y’all just popped a molly, prolly popped a Xan’
I just popped a band-aid off the bands, that’s that doctor plan
The static from that vinyl, that’s that needle plan
That’s my video on Vevo, that’s that kilogram
My bitch be actin’ like she tryna kill a nigga in the sack like Dominic Leru my nigga, that’s that Creole fam
That’s that C.O. man, that’s my P.O., damn
Shit just might get greezy for them Jacksons, that’s that Tito, blam
44 pop right out of the compartment like I’m Robocop
I blow the locks right off your apartment though like it’s your total shop
Unloadin’ loaded Glocks, patrollers rollin’ by
You throw the dice, you rollin’ though, you hot, or broke and old, you not
That’s that Jay-Z plan, that HOV plan
Classics don’t retire, let that Kobe play
Any man who disrespect me any kind of way gon’ catch it every kind of way, that’s that OBJ
Now I’m definitely buying recklessly in front the FED’s and IRS’s nigga, that h-o-t way
That’s that Stevie plan, that’s that Beatles plan
That’s my children’s hand, that’s my hero man
Other children’s hand, that’s my car they hero land
That’s that UFO, that’s that take me to your leader man
Everyday I’m makin’ change at the park when I go meet my man for that ticket, that’s that meter man
Imposter snakes on hand, watch you shake your hand
While I got that [drakeo pram, got that dako pram?]
That shit there don’t even match, that’s that faithful fan
I ain’t play that big today, ’cause that faith was playin’
That’s that prisoner’s plan, that’s that princester’s plan
That shit Detroit radio be playin’, that’s that insta-jam
Flossin’ ain’t the same, that’s that dental plan
Classic gypsy band, that’s that Hendrix plan
Couple people had to keep the mad at this is man ’cause he keeps begging me to drink again, that drag you with me plan
Baddest night is playin’, I’m glad this night is playin’
Somebody got to die tonight, I’m [sippin’ tonics?], fam
Manicure my hands, that’s that polish man
Had to throw my hands, that’s that wylin’ man
Dirt all on my hands, blood all on my hands
Murder, it never show my hands, that’s psychotic man
That’s that Ricky Rose plan, that’s them OJ’s plan
While I fuck my bitch in Calabasas, that’s that 4 AM
She was just a virgin when we met, so I murdered that shit
And it fit me like a fucking glove, that’s that OJ fam

Made a couple dollars, might’ve copped a jewel or two
I ain’t talkin’ ’bout two different jewels, I got a jeweler fool
I got manuever so they follow what I do and say
I’m serious with all my moves while my music play

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