Royce Da 5’9″ – Magnolia (The Bar Exam 4 Album)

[Verse 1]
Every rapper claims that he never stood for disrespect
He got disrespected in the hood and he just set
When I bought my white Corvette it touched my mother’s heart
When I stepped on the pedal to pipes turned to Bubba Sparxxx
Called Delano up, turned the rally stripes to fucking art
Then introduced my son to Teyana Taylor at Rucker Park
Look, fag, this BE4, I don’t have no E-G-O
You don’t want no static eh, y’all should have your TV low
Y’all the fakes, these are the breaks, y’all the cast of CB4
Am I an underground artist? No, I’m completely low
I’m so low I could sell this booth as my new cellar
I could sell a Jewish fella suit to a shrewd tailor
Who better? I can sell a shovel to the Devil
Then turn around and I can sell the scoop to a newsletter
Feeling like God only kicked Moses on the snare
Allah on the flyer and this bitch emoting on a prayer
Fuck these labels, fuck you label hoes focused on despair
Fuck radio, I’m already floating on the air
I ain’t here to be famous in debt, do my thing to me dead
These fans are programmed to change and forget
In this white man’s world I’m just a black who ain’t in the red
Who hasn’t had a hat he can hang on regret
Rappers kind of rapping too tame to collect
Who has a rather insane intellect
I would rather ride a train to success
That’s plain than ride a dragonfly through a flame to impress
Maybe I’m Red, maybe I’m Meth, maybe I’m less
Maybe I’m crazy like Macy Gray, baby, I’m blessed
The hoes praising me like maybe I’m next
‘Cause I’m wavy, my flow Avion wet
I’m so amazing, I’m Jay Z, I’m Treach
I’m feeling like KRS in the flesh
In the 80s, but more 94′ Shady I guess
We taking the feeling back from the wealthy, rich and shining
Uncla Murda this and Suge is more healthy for the genre
Porsche pushing, motor whoofing
Under the hood it sound like horses hoofing
I never ran from a soul, but I got promoters booking
I keep a hand full of something to fold
I’m just here to tell you the facts
The mayor slipped and fell through the cracks
Like the quarter’s is under your sofa cushion
Man, I remember these hoes used to overlook me
Now they come to my shows and throw their panties on stage
Or they just say "fuck it’ and throw the pussy

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