Paul Ariss – Blinded (Not Anymore) lyrics

If I wanted to meet you would you,
Turn back and hide,
Should I take consolation knowing,
That part of me tried

We can shatter illusions with this,
Passage of time,
Not looking for anything but,
We’re still crossing a line.

Still I remember when we walked into the sun,
Never looking back,
What good is surrender,
When there’s battles to be won.

Do you think I’ve been blinded,
Just because I’m reminded,
Of a love that defined me,
But not anymore,
No not anymore.

Is it courage or cowardice,
Or something in-between,
That makes us look at each other’s lives,
Through the curtain of a screen.

Are you battered by boredom,
Are you weighed down by defeat,
Am I just a distraction till your,
Back up on your feet.

(Second Bridge)
Or do you remember when you held me skin to skin,
Have you been thinking back,
To every decision that would,
Lead your heart to him.

(Chorus and repeat chorus)

(Middle Eight)
I think he’d understand if you let him know,
You’ve been having fun,
I’ve been letting go,
Or if you explained would he really see,
Would he feel betrayed,
Would he think you’ve been blinded.

(Second chorus)
Would he think you’ve been blinded,
Just because you’re reminded,
Of a love that definded you..

(Repeat second chorus and ad-lib to fade).

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