The good times scratched a laugh from the lungs of a young man In a Deadwood saloon South Dakota afternoon And the old ones by the door with their heads […]

[Verse 1] Nothing’s like the first time And when it ends, you try to find it all over again Like something’s missing when you are gone It’s just a feeling […]

Is this what you really needed? (Really needed, really needed) Is this what you really needed? Is this what you really needed? [Verse 1] Needed to run You've fallen away […]

I bet your underwater experiences came in handy When you bit the hand that offered candy And flashed the smile that sank the ship And reached the post before the […]

The Silence, the silence is killing me The silence, the silence is killing me There’s a creature roaming right outside our door So be careful when you walk Don’t creak […]

[Verse 1] Turn off your lights Turn off your phone Turn off your whole work week Tune out the fast, tune in the slow Get ready to roll with me […]

Mujer”] [Verso 1] Ay, mujer Tu cuerpo me hace falta ya Tus labios mi refugio Que me dejan ebrio de tanto besar Ay mujer Tu risa, mi oportunidad Y si […]

Wir träumen in Wälder, mit dichtem Gezweig, im Nebel und unter der Rauhnacht geweiht Wir herrschen in Mären, die fern einer Singt, der nie in den Schein unserer Sonnenfeuer dringt […]

I paid the bank note, the car note, an’ yes, I paid the ‘phone bill   too An’   then I turned   around an’ I found that the   […]