Winter night, walkin down streets The town gives nothing new to see My body’s cold, my hopes are frozen I want you to be here by me I don’t know […]

Senin için yaptığım onca şeyden sonra Hiç mi görmedin beni hiç mi sormadın ona buna Umurunda mıyım bari bir haber yolla Ağırdan mı alalım istiyorsun bence okey uyar bana Al […]

Prendí la luz en el Renaissance Hotel Baje las escaleras, por cigarrillos Pensé en ese estruendoso amor Y en los jardines perdidos El viento sopla en un cliché Por la […]

There was a motive There was a motive behind I was the target But I won’t be victimised Even tough I wasn’t game, Shoulda told me anyway Even if I […]

You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good (heartbreaker) I said if you leave me I’m a go crazy You got the power You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good, h-heart-heartbreaker […]

Shake, shake, quiver, quiver Been awaken By a cold shiver Winds blows and change, change Sweet rushing through my veins Good Lord, I just might die Overtaken by the high […]

Raices de un mundo que sabe a placer Capitablismo infunde un destino de sed Somos enemigos no sabemos ni porque Hay muerte por controlar el objeto de poder Al nacer […]

Oyy! Lumaban si papa, matapang Oyy! Lumaban si papa, matapang AWW! Laban-laban o bawi-bawi Laban-laban o bawi-bawi Papa di ba labs na labs kita Sayang sige baka magsisi ka Macho […]

(Oye por fin se entendió! – One! One way! – Rio de Janeiro!) A Rio a Rio hoy juega Rio A Rio a Rio hoy gana Rio Los cinco continentes […]

[Verse 1:] Tell me what’s the deal Sh*t is getting real I know girls like you but real sh*t I like you for real I done seen too many n*ggas […]

[VERSE 1] I ask you this, Now you’re grown, Do you really wanna walk out on your own? There’s hurting and bleeding out there, And a million other reasons to […]

I wanna be your lover, I wanna be your friend. I wish I could tell you I’d last till the end. I’m in a blue haze. A blue haze. I […]