(Intro: Curren$y) Pulled up like FedEx Double R headrest Pulled up like FedEx Double R headrest Bad bitch sleeping on a Crooks and Castles bed set Got keys to her […]

(Intro: Curren$y) Live the life a nigga die for Wish ya wife would be my side ho Never seen a nigga fly where Take a ride inside a 64 Hop […]

[Chorus: Curren$y] Hustle all day, catch stunts at night Momma say the way us niggas living ain’t right And any other way wouldn’t really be life Raised in the ways […]

[Verse 1] Speakers off tonight Turn off your headlights tonight Don’t drive the road too slow Don’t look too close tonight This used to be ours, this used to be […]

Kid Cudi: Hmm, yea, hmm, yea Hmm, yea, yea, yea, yea He-ee-ey, he-ee-ey Now I ain’t riding no waves Too busy making my own wave, baby Now I ain’t riding […]

Kid Cudi: Wicked Wick wick Wicked Wicked awesome Yea, yea, widen your view And tune on into the frequency Chill all alone Love is the rule Follow it to the […]

(Verse 1) Meck mi tell you bout mi feeling Feel like tell you bout mi feeling Money stock to the sealing Wonder if mi dreaming Spend 5-G this morning Meck […]

(Chorus) Lights out, hit the switch when ain’t nobody looking I ain’t tripping, that’s just how you took it Getting high, that help my aggravations This elevation feel so damn […]

(Pre Chorus) I was always right and you know now You was always wrong and you know now Look at where my life just went Look where you still is […]