Mobb Deep – Cop Hell

Cop Cop Cop Hell (4X)

I’m sendin’ cops to Cop Hell (yeah) with gasoline draws
Fuck ya boots and ya bullshit thoughts
I couldn’t give a fuck about ya petty annie
I’mma vigil annie who stalk every nigga granny
I’mma put all the cops will they take what I got
But when they try, they gonna get bucked in the motherfucking head
At point blank range I treat a cop like chump change
It’s gladder than fuckin great
The insane paragraphs of payin the tax, shoot on
Keep a griz .20 for a bag of bugga
You know my style I gets buck-motherfucking-wild
Rock a cop and put a bitch nigga on trial
So know the smooth, keep my cool, when I peep ’em
Jet on the roof till them fuck death, I don’t need ’em
But, then again who does, I didn’t stutter, motherfucker
I cut at ya like butter, so
Check my rock and get that ass clocked
Cause of ’round my way all niggas do is dream ’bout rocks

Cop Cop Cop Hell
"Whatcha gonna do when I start to step to you"
Co Cop Cop Hell (3X)
"Whatcha gonna do when I start to step to you"

I’mma shoot to kill and bitch-ass cops don’t get no props
Around my way we buck ’em down at the playground
The bitches in blue ain’t worth shit, quick
Shorty get his gun and now we on the run
I’m goin all out on a 9 to 5
To kill ’em off till there ain’t one badge alive
Shorty fillin with a attitude (yeah)
And I be damned if you ever find a better dude
Peep it, I’m lettin off five shots, for any five cops
That wanna step up and get that ass drops
And it’s on with the cops in my neighbourhood
The buck motherfuckers ain’t no good
I know a herd cop when I see ’em
Call his bluff if he think he tough enough to walk my streets
Or shoot a fair one at ’em one time
Grab his night stick and beat his ass down till he’s flat line
And now I’m up to my knees in police blood
In the projects, so which cop is next?


I got a crew of pistol bangers that’s real live
So welcome to hell, pig, you won’t survive..long
Cause I refuse to get locked down
Tried to cuff me up, so I murdered the fuckin clown
Me and my crew is around the way’s most wanted
So step up cop and act like you want it
Little niggga who done it, cause I was blunted
I motherfuckin done him, I keep the cops runnin
Stick ’em up cop or it’s a jack, when ya clock
The police academy forgot to teach you about my block
So if you come back when you best, two
Extra clips and bust ya bulletproof vest too
And that’s the way we play kid
Word up send them niggas to hell man

Cop Cop Cop Hell
"Whatcha gonna do when I start to step to you"
Cop Cop Cop Hell (3X)
"Whatcha gonna do when I start to step to you"

As I walk the project blocks dro’ned up
Me, Noyd on point for cops
Cause around my way they try to shot a nigga down
And seein black everytime I turn around
I’m sick of my people gettin hemmed up
Easy to run one gets a chance of gettin bucked
But fuck, what the hell, shit is real and that’s just how it is
That’s how it is, if I would just read in my motherfuckin crib
I threw a blue pack in mad heat
But 5-0 better know click-click that’s how we go in ’92
Buck ’em down and all make ’em fall to the fuckin floor
Stick to hell you aks why, it ain’t hard to figure
Cause they quick to put a gat in a nigga
So this nigga stays with his finger on the trigger
Till I say no more, till it’s depu fell
Buck ’em in the face and let ’em by in Cop Hell

Uhu, Cop Hell motherfucker
You know the fuckin flavor
Check me out
Now check this out man word up
Fuck that
Word up
You know I’m sayin
’92 it’s motherfuckin Mobb Deep
So watcha gon do

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