Kyle Lucas – Cellar Door

Cellar Door

Im a be honest, It’s so beyond us
It’s hard to rationalize when you turn pre-madonna
All that Dilaudid, got your eyes red like piranhas
You get so heated like you sleep up in a sauna
It’s like you only fight with me just to hear yourself talk
And I swear this shit got worse once you got off your Zoloft
You should probably get back on that shit
… or at least go and talk to somebody

[Verse 1]
Look I don’t even know how we lost control
I don’t even know how we lost all hope
Young girl with an old soul
I’m just a dude with a decent flow
Speak heat over beats the emcee i know
Go and reach the elite to beach we go
And come back settle down to a decent home
Because shit was all good just a week ago
But when it comes to you i’m like a surgeon, who’s hands shaky
I lack patience
I don’t even need no handshake from your new man i mean for damn sake
I mean why you gotta be on that ho shit
Why you gotta bring up that old shit
Then act surprise when you get a rise, i mean no shit, bitch you know this

[Hook 1]
I guess you think I wouldn’t notice
I guess you think I lost all focus
Try to distract with a magic act, disappear so I wrote this
You hung your own self, I just showed you were that rope is

[Verse 2]
Keeps saying how she’s innocent, talks about she’s so intimate
With new guys but still finds time just to constantly vent on the internet
Well, sub tweet till your thumbs week
Keep typing and writing about how you was right but won’t get a response out of me no
Ho please, we know
I don’t deal with these people
Or text back after each show
Especially when you so evil
Keep sending me all those diatribes
Getting back together how you dying to try
Then turn around and you lying about guys
That you fucked whole time well an eye for an eye

[Hook 2]
Ima go fuck all your friends
Get revenge
Get revenge, get revenge
I’ma go fuck all your friends
Get revenge
Now were even, now we’re even

[Verse 3]
Ugh, these ho’s need Jesus, or these ho’s new Moses
Or these ho’s need Buddha, or a least shit a higher dosage
Probably go and get some therapy, least maybe little life coaching
Cause something in you still scaring me, i’m thinking it’s a little psychosis
I know it’s hard to stomach, had to keep it 100
Had 99 problems you were damn near all of ‘em
Guess i’m at my last straw
Sick of being your rag doll
Sick of being your punching bag, it’s like fuck this hag
But you asked for it

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