Keep on rising – Fedde le Grand lyrics

Lyrics Fedde le Grand – Keep on rising

Down in the depths of my soul
Feeling the loss of control
In its spirit
So colourful
If you feel it then let’s go
To a place where you belong
Give it strength to carry on
Open your heart
Set your mind at ease
Live your life
And you’ll be free.(keep on rising)

We’re gonna rise, rise, rise
Keep on risiiing
Rise, rise, rise
Uhm, uhhmmm.

Keep on risiiing.

Sometimes you feel like
You’re down and out
Feeling the pressure
And you’re in doubt
And you’re feeling low
Nowhere to go
Don’t you worry
I know you’re gonna
Rise, rise, rise
Keep on risiiing
Rise, rise, rise
Yeah, hey yeah, uhmmm.
Fedde le Grand lyrics
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