Jarren Benton – C.R.E.A.M. ’17 (feat. Nick Grant) (The Mink Coat Killa Lp)

[Intro: Jarren Benton]
Cash rule everything around me

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
My momma must have did crack in the 80’s
Came out the pussy hole acting this crazy
Shit they put you in the pages for smackin’ your babies
Keep starin’ I draw the weapon like Keith Haring
It’s apparent these niggas wildin’ they need parents
Bitch I’m ruthless, I’m fucked and I make excuses
Then throw the deuces I told you bitches we ain’t exclusive
I’ma black activist on Actavis your math don’t add up
These niggas bad at calculus I never close the Maybach curtains
Wipe the prints off the cage that merked ’em
Circle the block and hit the lane that’s smirkin’
Ain’t nothing funny ay
Money talks and niggas is dummies
It’s a wrap, the stick left you stiff as a mummy
These niggas bleedin’, don’t front like your ass is Christopher Reeves
Ain’t no fuck this Superman you get wet up in your jeans (erghh)
I can’t sleep cuz I ain’t count a billion yet
I got killas on payroll, let me feelin’ a check ay
How you broke when you just had a million net
They say black’s bad with money can’t get rid of his debt
Pistol on me
Marinara with rigatoni
I eat like Tony Soprano
Don’t front you niggas know me
You can’t win when you got haters on the team
They did that nigga Eric Garner like he Radio Raheem (blerghhh)
No D batteries they train ’em at academies
No empathy for niggas just wet up their whole anatomy
Sadly another casualty
Too many niggas wanna be rappers, trappers, and athletes

[Verse 2: Nick Grant]
Okay I’m back in business
But never slack I’m stuck in the era of trap pretenders
Who would’ve known the underworld was filled with Master Splinters
Life is a bitch
My biggest distraction, the baddest women
My momma told me, "Nigga focus on academics"
I’m pistol totin’ the biggest bang could slap a chemist
I’m Maury Povich, Mama cryin’ cuz Daddy missin’
I’m back with vengeance the label gave me no rapper image
I’m too authentic, I’m too much for the avid listener
The back, the center, stick up niggas like Robin Givens
I’m from the city, they blow out brains, we optimistic
No competition, I’m droppin’ wisdom, the hottest nigga
I’m ridin’ Phantom with your bitch, that’s a Goblin visit
I went from no pot to piss in to a pile of vicious
It feel like a [?] of princes with a pinch of Catholicism
The modern Jigga, the Nas, mixed with the album Thriller
You dancin’ with the stars, the cosmos are outta rhythm
These niggas hatin’, my patience thin as these model bitches
I balls out, my cash straight, I’m Skylar Diggins
I balls out, cash straight, you gotta dig it
I’m hotter than a lot of niggas, fuck it, all ’em niggas
I’m going nuts George Carver nigga pause a nigga
Fresh like a Harlem nigga man what’s wrong with niggas
Tell your baby mama she should call an awesome nigga
Ferrari Spider shit just looks like it’s crawlin’ nigga
I’m the man, did that shit with no father figure
My shooter cold with the Tommy like watchin’ Martin nigga
I’m so for real, my jokes are deep, the sharks’ll giggle
I’m talkin’ riddles, the game’s a jungle I’m Robin Williams
What’s poppin’ Benton we eatin’ it’s time to starve them niggas
We eatin’ it’s time to starve them niggas
If niggas won’t smoke we gon get to coughin’ nigga

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