Izah Blue – Every Likkle Step 2017 lyrics

Every Likkle Step I take I have to give Izez unto Jah Jah
Every Likkle Move I make I have to give Izez unto Father (x2)

(verse 1)
Unto Jah Father, King Of Kings of Life
Who guideth I n I and lead I free from strife
With every breath that I take and every song that I sing
I give itinuall Izez into the allmighty King of Kings


(verse 2)
In the beginning of life, Jah gave I the light
The sun that shine each day and the moon each night
In the beginning of life, Jah show I the signs
He teach I the wrong from right, to be conscious and wise

Every Likkle Step, Every likkle step Chant

(verse 3)
Inna these times Jah children must realize
That some of the runnings on this earth
Don’t run so right
Now matter what your past might say
Start right now this very day
Forward tradition inna righteous way
Stick with Jah don’t lead astray

(repeat verse 1)
(chourus to finish)

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