Diefenbaker – My Sister’s Idea lyrics

You’re a stupid, thoughtless, senseless, carnivore
A stereotype of ignorance
A meat-enslaved, selfish whore
For your habit I can only feel disgust
Dismembered bodies, flesh in pieces
What do you tell your kids?
Do you teach them that meat itself lack all rhyme and reason?
That they’re digesting a murdered, innocent, little pig?
The necessity of rape to get that milk and cheese
A lifetime pregnancy

Where’s the empathy?
We’re supposed to be the elite of animals
All this cruelty is an effigy on evolution on a halt
We’re so fucking smart that we forgot that life isn’t money
It takes more than 20 years to even function
Evolution at its best
Never thought it’d come to this
You hold your fingers across my lips
You stare at me, you hardly breathe
It’s not me, this time it’s you

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