Cheko – Dear, Her lyrics

It’s been a long time
Since I called you mines
Loosing you had me out of my mind
Depression; Insanity in I
I should have just saved my time
Love is for the lucky, I see none for me
How’d you love him, While loving me?
Starving for passion, but You where full of greed
Go and break my heart, Exactly what I need
I tried seeing good in you, but I couldn’t
I gave you the world, When I knew I shouldn’t
I showed you love, Even went you wouldn’t
I held on to you, Until I couldn’t
You chose him cause he had more
A ball in my throat, You walking out the door
So many moments are now memories
When you left, You took a part of me

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone
You knew what you had, Never thought I’d be lost
They played you, but Why’d you play me?
Reminiscing our love with you on repeat
Fixing a broken mirror’s like fixing love
You get hurt when push comes to shove
My mind is saying no, but My heart is saying yes
You try changing for her, Even when your head’s a mess
They tell you to move on, It’s for the best
You feel like your chest pounding out of your chest
It getting to the point where you can’t breath
Her presence is your drug, an addiction you need
Suicidal thoughts flowing through your mind
What’s the point of living if she can’t be mine?
You grab that nine, and it was on the line
You’ll be mine and then you took your life

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