(x3) Through the pain and all the guilt You’re all I needed to rebuild We never knew but it was so inevitable You brought to life inside of me The […]

[Intro] Turn up, turn up [Verse] I just sold yo’ soul to a junkie Got me feelin’ like the devil I just went into my jeweler and then I iced […]

And I jumped off the cliff, landed in Maïa’s hands If I had to start all over, I would do it again Cuz I, live with no regrets, no doubt, […]

You could tell a lie, just fuck I want You could hide the truth a little longer ‘Cause long so used to being where it’s warm It’s cold outside, don’t […]

따스하게 부는 향기로운 바람 내 두 볼에 스치면 난, 사랑했던 그대 얼굴이 떠오르죠 oh ~ 길가에 숨어선 이름도 모르는 들꽃이 필 때쯤엔, 기억 저 편에 감춰 둔 그대가 떠오르죠 My […]

She’s a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, she’s a Lady Talkin’ about that little Lady, and the Lady is mine. Yeah yeah yeah, She’s a Lady Listen to me baby, She’s […]

[Verse 1] You don’t wanna fall back I don’t want to fall back tonight I just want my old baby You just want to know it’s alright For you to […]

Let me find out when you got sentenced by the judge, you where whining bout it Let me find out the police told you to find out Let me find […]

I’m alright, I’m quite alright And my money’s right 8… (yeah) Countin’ them bands All way to the top ’til they be fallin’ over Countin’ them bands On my way […]