[Intro] (Can't play ballin’ on these hoes, hah) Fake ass world, fake ass niggas, fake ass bitches f*ck all you motherf*ckers Look, uh World we live in [Verse] I swear […]

I’m sorry I yelled at you ‘Bout the baby’s clothes ‘Bout the car on fire About love The seven year itch Is quite a bitch it’s true But believe me, […]

Jive Angels lyrics Jesus is King (Bless the Lord) I’m living in peace Living in joy He’s given me beauty for ashes, I’m living by faith Swimming in grace He’s […]

No funny biz I leave pockets with The Bugs Bunny ears Your career’s doing the running man Damn Used to go hand in hand Was hungry like a wolf Duran […]

Lyrics from Snippet [Verse] …do to me I'm tryin’ somethin', don't be Be history [Pre-Chorus] Boy, I’m tryna meet your momma on a Sunday And make a lot of love […]

You’re just a mouth piece for cruelty and greed; Always the perfect “man” A malice of forethought – there are strength in lies Too many terrible things, but no, I […]

[원어스 "To Be Or Not To Be" 가사] [Verse 1] 밤이 지나면 아침이 오는 것처럼 당연했던 우리 사이 뻔하디뻔한 이별의 결말 살아도 나는 사는 게 아니야 숨 쉴 수가 없어 […]