Big Lenbo – Stupid (Strange Days Album)

Check, check-check
One two, one two-one two

[Verse 1]
Len forever going stupid
Rap-nuisance, speak abuses
What the truth is, they all clueless
Where the booth is, no loose ends or new friends
Chick Guyanese on her knees like she Lutheran
Got no Coup ends, keeps a big truck though
Hop the fucking curb drive this shit through your front door
‘Bout that action but you never see me stunt though
Pullin’ bitches from the front row, at your show
Takin’ every morsel, fuck just a piece, best believe
Coming for my yen like Belize
Ace up the sleeve no chains or timepiece
Hard times increase, all black on the creep
Comin’ through your window like Dawsons Creek
Don’t sleep, I put that .45 on your cheek
Bars thorough from Seven Locks to Upper Marlboro
Mad rabbit foamin’ at the pen going ferral
Fuck with me that’s your worst call, Pete Carroll
In the booth, you don’t produce, bitch you sterile
Cut you deep all the way down to the marrow
Can’t see me bitch, blind the eyes of the sparrow

Fucking stupid
Man this shit is stupid
Motherfucking stupid
So goddamn stupid (goddamn stupid)

[Verse 2]
That’s enough said
He be on meds, braindead, code red
Something really wrong with his head
Oh no not him! Yeah he back in all black mother fucking maniac, ransack the whole map
Puffin Psuedmed till I’m sumacked
38 by the boot strap tact detract your cardiac whip’n fast with the roof back bumping LootPack how they do that
How they crew snap, thought you knew that
Old game with a new rap
Beat smack and crack da tarmac and LENBO taking of alert da captain
Don Juan De Leon
The Teflon vagabond
Ridin’ shotgun in your mom Avalon
Roll a bomb, hit the chron ’till my eyes Mulan
If you didn’t see this coming grab the Bausch and Lomb
Knew the Strange Days where coming, surprise hoe you in em
Fat nigga in a baggy denim, spazzing spitting venom

Fucking stupid
Man this shit is stupid
Motherfucking stupid
So goddamn stupid (goddamn stupid)

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