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Ye winds that blow by borden’s grove. Where the linen waves like bleaching silk And the falling stream runs still Near there I spent my youthful days But alas they […]

DAVE DUDLEYTemporarily Lyrics Good evening friend hey you’re lookin’ good I’m happy about your prosperity But before you ask how I’m a gettin’ along well I’m down on my luck […]

DO OR DIEDo Or Die Lyrics Do or die Like our lives No trunin’ back It’s our pride A second family, takin’ care of each others We are more than […]

KANGINMemories Lyrics Geu nunbusin achime Neon amu maldo moshago Dan hanbeondo nae maeum Boyeojuji moshan chae Meoreojine tteonagane Modu sarajyeogane Eonje uri dasi mannalkka Geuriwora bogo sipda Ijhyeojigo sarajin modeun […]

ETHIOPIANSBuss Your Mouth Lyrics Don’t say, I say, you say She say, him say, them say Don’t start the confusion Don’t start the confusion For when you say, him say […]

DILLARDSOld Home Place Lyrics It’s been ten long years since I left my home In the hollow where I was born Where the cool fall nights make the wood smoke […]

DWARVESGash Wagon Lyrics We ride my gash wagon I said everybody can’t like it(?) I’m comin’ to be f**ked You bet they hate my guts Yeah but what the f**k […]