Mario se ahogó en la natación por tonto Y desde el fondo canta, “Shoo-bee-doo” Mario no pudo conocer al mar jamás No terminó su digestión del todo Y desde el […]

Beautiful and wealthy is our town of Hamelin Neighbors are green with envy, proud my fellow citizens Our stomach’s are full, our dreams are calm We can either kill or […]

P.Ramlee/S.Sudarmaji Dengan cinta ku bina istana Kau sentuh runtuh jadi pusara Cahaya hidup ku jadi gerhana Bisa jiwa menanggung derita Ku semai benih kasih sejati Ku pupuk dengan baja nan […]

April: I hear the ticking of the clock I’m lyin’ here, the room’s pitch dark I wonder where you are tonight No answer on the telephone And the night goes […]

Killing dis and killing dat Whicha gun or with a knife Strangulation out your light Me no man no trouble Me no man a strife Live it good and live […]

(M. Modenini) © Le Parc Music Ogni domenica sa di plastica è solo un nuovo anno per me e per te la stessa storia c’è lei che strilla alla tv […]

Down from the mountain, cries of an headless love, high above Cold seems to me your kiss from the ocean deep, in my sleep I see you go south on […]