ARON – Higher ground

From Monday to Friday I give you the high day
I sat on my own trade and fund days fro Sundays
It’s always yours say, can’t have it my way
I swore to myself I would take no [?]
Everything was so serious,
Should’ve never took you serious
See I’m in my feelings, let’s just say I’m on my period
Stop there. Good time baby living like I should
Living mine
I’ve realized I’m looking for something
Oh, oh, something on higher ground
Ain’t talking bout loving, I know you like the sound
I don’t need a boyfriend
Come and met up, you got this round
It’s your shot now, take it to the skyline
Don’t let me down
Take it to the skyline
Don’t let me down

You don’t know what I’m into
I would’ve said I missed you too
‘Cause that’s something I really like
Close your eyes

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