All I really wanna do is luv ya Damn We don’t really wanna no trouble Tell me, is it done with the struggle? We don’t really wanna no trouble Tell […]

Good to see you my old friend Sometimes I feel, as cold as steel And broken like I'm never gonna heal I see a light, a little grace, a little […]

[Intro] Come on! [Verse 1] She’s no good for me, I know that she’s, a wildflower She’s got a restlessness, a beautifulness, a thing about her But here I am […]

[Verse 1] She grew up on the side of the road Where the church bells ring and strong love grows She grew up good, she grew up slow Like American […]

[Intro] Here we go! [Verse 1] You wear your smile like a summer sky Just shining down on me and you I swear your heart is a free bird On […]

I started out on a dirty road I started out all alone The sun went down as I crossed the hill The town lit up and the world got still […]

[Verse 1] Living in a world, daddy's little girl Never hears a "no" Everything you want is never what you need Mirrors and the smoke [Pre-Chorus] Put another spin on […]

[Verse 1] You’re hit then miss, you’re fire and ice You’re water and whiskey burn We kiss, we fight, make up all night You’re the blessing and the curse But […]

Do you remember when? [Verse 4] We woke under a blanket All tangled up in skin Not knowing in that moment We’d never speak again But it was perfect I […]

We lost the summer 달리던 축구화 시끄러운 열기들 (너와) 나눠 몰래 들었던 내 이어폰은 (이젠 나만) 유행한 노래, 교실 안 콘서트 (but now) We lost the sunset, now don't know […]

[Verse 1] Have some scratches and some holes from rusty nails Have some dirt and dust from all   those   broken trails But you   shine 'em up brand […]

[Sample] "It's time to get down…" "It's time to get down…" "It's time to get down…" "It's time to get down…" [Verse 1] Blowing exotics, low in the cottage Clothes […]

Can you hear me I scream 'cause it's not meant to be Your existence is shattering like the broken glass Bring it back to me again Bring it back to […]

Tell me what’s the meaning I don’t understand you’re looking for You got to take my love, my passion When you touch me feeling the Pressure Baby now I’m ready […]