[Intro] Ayeyoungjordan Welcome to paradise [Chorus] I can feel the cold water I can finally hear You calling I think I   see   the morning, yeah Done   running […]

My self-esteem? I was in a backseat, dead at 19 You were on your front foot ready to   comfort   me Both so naïve Heaving   at the pitstop, […]

When stars are born No one can stop them And who could ever Neglect the thought Life’s created All over the night sky Don’t disrespect Nature’s thought When ideas are […]

Who’s got the f*cking light? Bang fire I got the dynamite Head atrocities I got the dynamite Respect the wild ride That left you horrified Get arctic wolfman Massacre ignite […]

Should we lay down beside this fire? Are you cold? Should I turn up the heat much higher? And although this feels like hell from all I’ve ever been told […]

Tenho maneira de te convencer Tenho modo e jeito para te prender Tenho maneira de te convencer Tenho modo e jeito para te prender Vais perder a confiança Vais perder […]

Time to time I reminisce and I realize I have felt this way for my entire life Crawling,   falling,   it’s too late This   is my fate All […]

[Verse 1] I don’t have it all together but Jesus I got You I’ve realized how weak I   am,   yeah, I need   You to get me through […]

Listening to your Northern Soul records You’re pumped up with The Stax and the Blues I can’t help it if I was born stupid I’m thinking about buying some shoes […]

[Letra de “18 Llantas”] [Intro] Trailes, negocios Pura Fuerza Régida, jaja Yes sir [Verso 1] “Franco” el apellido y el negocio de los trailes Navego en   silencio   con […]

[Verse 1] Everybody thinks I’m a joke I see them laughing when west house starts to smoke Nobody Knows I’ve got a moustache And if they do they just laugh […]

They suck too. He ain’t   got   the lyrics. Yeah, he’s a terrible artist. Have you heard about Wild Wes? I know right? No, they ain’t good. Have you […]