November 20, 2020

All I ever wanted was your love Maybe I was asking for too much I’m so done tryina be more than enough More than just your man, You’ve lost your […]

[Fallen Stars Flying Lyrics] [From “Between The World And Me” soundtrack] Heavy gold chains off of a loss, body language boss On this highly dangerous course between the streets and […]

It’s been the coldest year since records began And now the sun is coming up again in no man’s land [Pre-Chorus] So let’s go, into tomorrow Together fighting We’re bows […]

It's like that [Hook] I was here before you saw me, making it happen before you noticed/ Taking the road less traveled, eating table scraps from the hopeless/ I know […]

Look for me there in the morning When the clay of worthless ground Is baked into the brick to build the church That doesn’t mind to wait with patience till […]

Infiltrate, instigate! Final attempt to re-conciliate but all to no avail Profane last rites Human sacrifices to cover lies and to propagate… Infiltrate, instigate! Upon completion of the fall They’ll […]

[Verse 1] Now slide back, why don’t we try that/ Locomotion up the gut, no cut, no sidetrack/ No   trust   fund to lose,   no reputation to buy […]

Misca-te bine nu poti rezista! Tarandarata unh a e! Tarandarata unh a e! Tarandarata unh a e! Nanananana! Noaptea ce vine si ziua de maine Ne prinde-npreuna la petrecerea ta! […]

Your burning skies are never-ending Across your red brush plains Out where the dingo still is king and eternity remains There between the old and ancient there’s an oasis bright […]

I just wanna light up your life Until you want to surrender You just put my dreams in a little house Until my dream will break. I just wanna light […]

Same old shit, just another day (It’s the same old shit) I was in my head, feeling dead, feeling microwaved (It’s another f*cking day) I was on the strip with […]