November 19, 2020

what is not, not to like, a shiny bike no lock, no key…it’s there for me it’s for real, i’m gonna steal a pair of wheels FSU…now you can too […]

Why not, ramène mes sous J’suis un monstre mais j’ai un bon fond Trouves-moi dans les coins risqués Mi amor, tu veux du bon son? Why not, ramène mes sous […]

That’s a shame on niggas (shame on niggas) How you gon’ sit in my car Tryna play Lil’ Pump like we ain’t too dangerous? Yeah All these niggas actin’ like […]

Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Hold up Had enough of these, modern times About to drive me out of my mind […]

[Letra de “10 Segundos”] [Verso 1] Quemándome un gallo veo mi vida en diez segundos Lo bueno y lo malo se mira   claro   entre el humo Estoy   […]

We like, we like, we like [Verse 1] Somethin’ came over me Want you to head over here It’s true, I’ve given mixed signs But now I wanna change my […]

What will take its place? I feel it in my heart This time it’s come to stay Crushed by his thumbs Vanished in   his   whorl The ropes I […]

Say it to my face, and I’ll kick your butt, kick your butt [Verse 2] Okay, I’m corny and whack, I’m horrible trash I’m the worst rapper alive, and I’m […]

[instrumental break] And so I’m offering this simple phrase to kids from one to ninety-two Although it’s been said many times many ways Merry Christmas… to you! Chestnuts roasting on […]

We get a feeling, arise emotion Never knowing where it comes from Born in silence comes the voices Of our conscience Guardian angels, Mighty Messengers Time is just a state […]