November 16, 2020

[Intro] Ra-Ra-Rockstars [Verse 1] Bro called this beat Michael Jackson And I'm smoking dope all day, man it's so relaxin In   the   trap, you know   I be […]

[Intro] I been tryna be more serene, I been I been tryna be more serene [Chorus] I've been tryna be more serene I've been tryna let go of the beans […]

OH, THANK GOD! It’s So Much Better, Than A Fantasy… And Since You Left, I’ve Been In Danger But, Now You’re Back Just To Take Care Of Me! 2nd Verse […]

[Intro] (HUFF47) [Verse 1] I never changed, man, f*ck the fame, bitch, I don’t want it now Won’t stress a bitch, they come a dime by a dozen, ah I […]

(Goin’ Full Tac) (Rambow) Girl, you should know that I got you on my mind Me and you forever, I’m gon’ ride for you Girl, you should know that I […]

There’s no way that People feel what i feel when Everything comes crashing down right on me (yeah) Cus i don’t think twice When i run i won’t hide yeah […]

[Verse 1] I wanna give you all of me I'll show   you things you've never seen Go to a place we've never been Never been, uh ne-never been They […]

[Verse 1] She was only seventeen When producer man came offering That all her dreams would come true He said,   "Come   here, sweetie I can   make you […]

Pull up to my function Hop out on em’ (period period) I ain’t gon lie, I got em curious curious I’m shittin on em’ Tell her pull up to the […]

(Intro) 2020 elections presidential election was a fraud Perpetrated by the illegal left- wing media And all of these twitters and facebooks of the world They robbed us (Verse) Stop […]

Lo, the poor Indian Whose poor untutored mind Clothes him in front But leaves him bare behind Maybe in another year The simple life we lead Could become more comfortable […]

And I wait night and day I’ve seen love turn to hate Nothing’s changed, looking back Is it so wrong to want what we can never have? I say life […]