November 14, 2020

Farben malen In Farben baden Farben kann man gut mischen Und dann ganz bunt verwischen Leichte Farben Schwere Farben Alles Bunt   in   unserer Welt Bunt ist   Alles […]

[Chorus] Keep a pre roll in my pocket for when life gets too chaotic You want bops then girl you got it I make hits like hydroponics Turn my struggles […]

Good girl turned bad to the world When she really everything that you can ask in a girl You treat her bad and kiss her ass for a pearls When […]

There once Was a time Where I felt as I meant to be But I stumbled in shame Tried to screw our love Tried wasted it in the shame There […]

(She) Babe alarm, look at her (Her) I subscribe (S’cribe) BoxyCharm See that drip (Drip) soaking wet (Wet) Cushion cut, got a face I can’t forget (I, I, I) [Verse […]

[Intro] You knowing that shit kinda be hard when you When your loved ones behind that (Ayo, Nashi, you go crazy) Them bars, you know, behind that cell All in […]

Steine rollen durch das Land Steine sind total entspannt Liegen rum und meditieren Schwitzen nie und können nicht   frieren Millimeterweise Bewegen   sie sich unsichtbar   und leise Hast […]

Don't tell a lies   両目をつむって 隣人愛せよ恋せよ紳士   大丈夫   その内馴れるさ!? 瞳の奥に隠された真実   どうか知らせないで Don't say anything anymore 死んで焼かれて骨になるまで   隠し通す事 使命なんだろう Don't tell a lies   片目をつむって 隣人愛せよ恋せよ乙女   […]

[Hook x2] Born in these streets Raised in these streets Walked in these streets Taught by these streets Lived in these   streets Hustled   in these streets Arrested   […]

Maybe years from now You’ll be the one I think about But I just can’t imagine that ‘Cause I’m not one for lookin’ back So long, Nashville, Tennessee You can’t […]

Пaцaны, нe oбижaйтeсь, я любя Пoкaжи мнe, ктo скaзaл «нe в дeньгax счaстьe» Бoй, ты слoмaн Твoя xaтa нa зaпястьe Бoльшoй xeр, money long, мистeр фaнтaстик Я кaк прaздник, суки […]

Hey, hey hey, yeah Hey, hey hey, yeah What do you do when your dream is over Hey, hey hey, yeah Hey, hey hey, yeah What do you do when […]

If you hate me then why’d you even call? Halloween without you just feels wrong If you hate me then why’d you even call? You say you’re thinking of me […]