November 10, 2020

Nigga please Tell me all you want you smoke Shawn? (Bitch niggas, f*ck niggas) The boy that said he’d be true [Verse 3] Doesn’t look like I care from Niggas […]

[Intro] (Fah, fah) (Fah) Ouu, bitch, bitch [Chorus] Yeah, told my niggas, "We gon' be rich, (Yeah) one day" (Ayy) Told my niggas, "We gon' be rich, (Yeah) one day" […]

As if rap isn’t braggadocios At least what I brag about can get you bags Instead of handin’ over cash to someone racist who just uses y’all for black promotion […]

I done ran up a check, now I’m the one bitches chase after All these chains on my neck, I’m not a slave, I own my masters I got that […]

They say I’ma be gone for a minute Ain’t tripping, I’m really chilling My mama say there’s a whole ‘nother way And I be gone in my feelings whenever trippin’ […]

(Dance) Get that body up on the catwalk Can’t sleep through your life like a lapdog Let’s show the world what we got Don’t wanna take it slow I wanna […]

Hope we don't crash But it's cool As long as I'm drunk with you (Verse 2) Ain't no point in being sober When i know you're coming over Girl I'd […]

Deep in this melody’s a cool fire Longing to stay with you So wide awake and feeling inspired So much that we can do I wanna hear you tonight Wrapped […]

All you filthy idle rich You bet I’m prejudiced I got class… resentment All you pretty girls and boys With expensive toys I got class… resentment When I’m at work […]

[Songtext zu „Time Out“] [Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah It’s Jugglerz What’s happening? Ouh [Refrain] Drück ma’ kurz auf Stop und halt   alles   an Bitte […]

Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah Jetzt gibt’s leckeres vom Koch, du hörst Klänge von ‘nem Gott Reite lässig auf […]

[Verse 2: Angèle] Peut-être qu'avec du temps, ça partira Et pourtant, et pourtant, et pourtant, je ne m'y vois pas Comme un médicament, moi je suis rien sans toi Et […]

I remember isolation I remember everything I was lost until you came my way Nothing mattered since that day Take me down to where she came from Where pines are […]