November 9, 2020

Let’s go Mario Never have I ever been dependent on a bitch, ho Introverted nigga, these imposters make me sick, ho She stepped on my shoes, then I made her […]

I’ve seen the future Yeah the writing’s on the wall And it don’t look that good to me Tear at the sutures Put in place to save us all Well […]

Cambiare qua nessuno vuole Piuttosto ci strappiamo il cuore Siamo sposati col dolore Per noi è una questione d’onore, yeah Siamo felici, siamo tristi Dici: "A che servono gli artisti?" […]

Oh Swear that my, swear that my Swear that my heart don’t beat when you’re gone, can’t let go When you’re not here with me How am I s’posed to […]

W szafie gotówką 100k, na ścianie wielki ekran Banknoty są jak opał, potrzebuję ciepła [Refren] Palę gibona nad sukcesem, na Hubach, na dachach Tylko ze wzruszenia może już matula zapłakać […]

Trump Aren’t you two forgetting something? [Intro] It doesn’t matter where you’re goin’ if you’re gone Nothing feels the same these days it   all   went wrong Now I […]

It ain’t what you do or make ’em think that you doing Make money moves, Gucci diamonds to prove it Faking the news, play to win, never losing That’s America […]

Huyu huyuma denk Suyu suyuma denk Oh you all through my veins Oh you make me feel some   way Pure   water with that   flavor Out singing in […]

[Gemitaiz:] Sto tutto fatto dentro a una Jeep Che aspetto che mi dici di sì Giuro che non mi muovo da qui (No, no, no) Fumo un’altra, parte un altro […]

We´ll always create perfect human We´re always form decent results Seperate the DNS killing our tenderness Cloned people exist and run A finest selection health and strong exemplary locked and […]

And get the same shit to you, that you were here around four Like, "Good afternoon", ho Good evening I heard about your ex, about you leavin’ him I heard […]

Killa, baja lo’ machete’ (¡Zoom!) [Estribillo] Hey, ‘toy má’ fundi’o que un chassy (¡Uh!) Subo de nivel y como como nazi (Hey) Ha, esto no es fácil Ando en el […]

Ancora perdo il sangue sui pianoforti Siamo diventati grandi, non siamo morti Questi ci hanno riso in faccia C’hanno chiamato "tossici", "manigoldi" Hanno legato le manette, sì, intorno ai polsi […]

[Refrain] Dem inna, inna, inna, inna, inna (No lie) I know sey dem go pray on my downfall I’m still a winner, winner, winner, winner, winner (Spiritual) Me never let […]