November 8, 2020

[Pre-Chorus: JVKE, KBFR] Down south, hood baby (Hood baby) Make all the girls go crazy (Ah) Go (Go) Go (Go) Go stupid But you smart like an A-plus student [Chorus: […]

Hey man Ay, we be f*ckin’ up them foreigns man f*ckin’ up the highway f*cking up the eway f*cking up the streets f*ckin’ up a foreign Police pull me over […]

[Letra de “Sun”] [Verso 1: N-Wise] Eyo, yo y mi [?], lo mantenemos real Llamémoslo rap anti social Me da exactamente igual, si el mundo va mal Tengo un estilo […]

A vos confieso todo mi dolor Aquello que aún le temo por sus sorpresas… Atormenta mi conciencia camino trágico Slow!!! Allí donde los ancianos lloran Al olvido esperad la muerte […]

(Browne) Slap on the back For the man with the sand in his hair Spinning with sound As you’re feeling around for the change Twist off the top Even though […]

I blank Till the the day come bitch I rank- Top till on shit, and you sink I don't smoke cigs bitch I pint I don't give f*cks that's fasho […]

Let’s go crazy, insane I’m with it Talking about the bread, Damn right I get it I know you ain’t got all the bread I’m getting Since you got enough […]

tu m’connais de ou? Je connais la game bien avant Commodore M’accomoder? Jamais Et c’est pour ca qu’on m’adore adhère Wake up pendant que la masse dans un coma […]

Dieser Tag ist einer unter vielen, letzte Nacht hast du dich fast ertränkt Zwischen Frust in den schamfremden Gesichtern, dieses Licht so grell und doch so gut Der Mund geht […]

Eu não reconheço mais, olhando as fotos do passado O habitante do meu corpo, este estranho doublé de retratos Talvez até eu já vivesse em algum corpo emprestado Esperando só […]

[Intro] TreOnTheBeat, yeah [Chorus] All I keep is money on me (On me, yeah) Dead presidents is all I   see   (All I see,   yeah) Red, purple drink […]

Back when it was Holler Boys by Upchurch on the radio So I sang boy-oh-boy How I miss them old Toyotas Yeah, country is as country does, we was but […]

Fool carry the wise Are you divine? Fool carry the wise Are you afraid of being defined? Fool carry the wise Are you afraid of being defined? Fool carry the […]